At Inspyre we can manage the entire process of moving your offices or any part of it that you need. We work with you to find the best solution to fit your budget.


Save money by improving your office location and visibility 

Based on your requirements in terms of staff complement, required location, and budget we will locate a selection of offices and tour you through these to source the ideal location for your new offices. We also negotiate the best lease and fit-out budget on your behalf.

  • Improve your location while saving money
  • Gain better visibility for your company and brand
  • Reduce monthly rental costs
  • Move to better space more suited to the size of your business


Why pay for space you don’t need? Reduce your space requirements and save by planning your space better

By planning your space better you not only save money on rent but you can create a more efficient, more productive working environment.

Inspyre does an assessment of your business workflow, organisational structure, staff complement, and growth plan, and creates an office plan based on your optimum space needs.

  • Use your space more effectively
  • Improve work flows
  • Reduce wasted space and save on rent
  • Create a neater less chaotic environment for staff and clients


Your office should be a reflection of your business. We design your office to be both functional and beautiful

A beautiful, functional working environment not only helps boost staff wellbeing and productivity but reflects professionalism to your clients. Inspyre works with you to combine space planning and an aesthetic interpretation of your business into an appealing design.

  • Impress your clients with professional, beautiful offices
  • Improve productivity and staff morale
  • Reinforce your brand image
  • Improve office efficiency and aesthetics while saving money


The complete fit-out and implementation of your office design

You shouldn’t have to worry about managing contractors and purchasing materials. Inspyre takes on the full site project management role – planning, ordering, purchasing, and receipt of everything  from paint and wallpaper colours, fixtures, and fittings, to carpets and furniture, as well as management all contractor work. Everything is covered – walling, painting, carpeting, plumbing, and electrical, and even cabling work and your technology infrastructure.  

  • Complete management from A to Z
  • Don’t hassle over contractors and purchasing
  • Best prices for materials, fittings and labour
  • Everything is fitted with little hassle to you 


You can focus on your business while we ensure a fast and smooth move to your new offices
Imagine moving into your brand new offices after a relaxing weekend, with everything you need already set up.

We manage the packing and moving of your entire office and set everything up in your new space.
All that you and your staff need to do is arrive!

  • Supervised and fully managed office move
  • Complete office setups to ensure smooth transition
  • Minimal disruption to work
  • Smooth, rapid and cost effective new office space